Pro Wash Mobile Cleaning

Each business type requires specific services. Pro Wash Mobile Cleaning provides the service that will fulfill your needs. Shopping malls, banks, industrial businesses, restaurants, convenience stores, bus and truck fleets, and houses may need different services at different times. Our residential service focuses on providing the customer with a wide range of services including exterior house washing of all surfaces such as: brick, vinyl siding, wood siding, soffit and fascia.    
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$99.00-129.00 PRESSURE WASHING SPECIALS!!! Limited Area and Limited Heated Square Feet.

Our pressure washing services in Raleigh and Goldsboro, NC and 100 miles out traditionally involve large-scale projects such as:

  • Residential / Commercial

    At Pro Wash Mobile Cleaning, we take great pride in our approach to residential and commerical washing. We use a "soft wash" approach to clean your residence. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to lift off years of buildup instead of using "high pressure."

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  • Fleet Washing

    Fleet managers in the trucking industry know how important it is to project a positive image while their trucks are on the road. Pro Wash Mobile Fleet Truck Washing Company is equipped to wash hundreds of vehicles a day with environmentally safe products.

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  • Crime Scene Cleaning

    Crime-scene clean-up is a niche market within the cleaning industry and it involves cleaning up dangerous material. This could mean the biologically contaminated scene of a violent death (homicide, suicide or accidental) or the chemically contaminated scene of a meth lab.

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